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OSOTAPE Technology Co., Ltd

Built on this core expertise by adding die cutting and laminating capabilities to offer customers complete control over the die cutting process.

OSOTAPE has continually added capabilities to provide integrated device-making support to customers. These include an advanced engineering team, intellectual property experts, regulatory guidance and more.


OSOTAPE Corporation is privately held, and has been owner-operated since its inception. In an age of consolidation and increased big-company control, Baril is committed to its entrepreneurial approach to satisfying customer needs through personalized attention.


Xiamen City, Fujian Province

OSOTAPEis a contract manufacturer specializing in custom die cutting, laser cutting and multi-layer laminating.

Die cutting capabilities include:

Rotary die cutting

Flatbed die cutting

Matched metal die cutting

Steel rule die cutting

Laser cutting

CNC knife cutting

Router cutting

Custom converting lines

Lamination capabilities include:

In-line laminating / die cutting

Off-line laminating

Custom laminating lines

Engineering capabilities:

Materials selection and material optimization

In-house master die makers

Building custom manufacturing lines to suit unique production needs

Product and packaging testing capabilities


Mechanical engineer

Process engineer

Electrical engineer


ISO 14644 Class 7 clean room capabilities include:

Rotary die cutting

Flatbed die cutting

Multi-layer laminating

Ultrasonic cleaning


Medical pouching

OSOTAPE′s manufacturing and engineering teams are comprised of highly trained and experienced professionals, focuses on demanding applications and industries, including medical products, point- of-care diagnostics, military, aerospace, homeland security and alternative energy.


ISO 9001: 2017 Certified

GMP and QSR Compliant (audited by 3rd party)

Full-time quality manager

Comprehensive inspection systems, including machine vision system and CMM

“Quality by design” approach to manufacturing

Detailed validation protocols

ISO 14644 Class 7 clean room with an environmental viable bioburden monitoring program and full IQ/OQ/PQ documentation